Bugs infestation in your home can really be a serious problem and quite stressful. They lurk in places you don’t expect them to be and most of the time, they cause distraction. Do not think that bed bugs only live in your beds and other furniture that is soft. They can also be found in your books, clocks, dresser, drawer and electrical outlets.

If there is bed bugs infestation in your electrical outlets, it is important that you handle the situation well. Although it is quite mysterious what attracts bed bugs to stay in electrical outlets, one thing is for sure, they are capable of causing destruction in the electrical outlet and its other fixtures.

Here are the things you can do to deal with bed bugs infestation in your electrical outlets.

Bugs removal

If there is indeed bug infestation in your outlets, do not directly spray pesticides on the outlet. This action can cause further damage to your electrical system. As much as possible, try to make an assessment on the infestation and make a smart decision on what method to use to remove those bugs. If it is an only minor infestation, you can spray a pesticide on the cover of the outlet. But if the infestation is severe, you will need the pest control services northern beaches sydney to get rid of those bugs and prevent them from coming back.

Call an electrician

Even if the bugs are completely removed, there is still a high chance that the outlets are damaged or will stop working. But even if the outlets still work, it would still be best if you call and certified electrician for further inspection on your electrical system. This is necessary to ensure that electrical wirings are inspected if damaged occurs or not. Some wiring may have been damaged by the bugs that can result in short-circuit or spark a fire in the long run. With the help of an electrician, your safety is ensured as problems can be given solutions. 

As much as you want to keep your home safe and clean all the time, bugs are bound to attack your property. To avoid further stress, you should avoid an infestation at all costs. Bed bugs can move from an infested area to another area and make it their new home. They can’t fly but they can move quickly. They can travel from your bed to our clothing, luggage, boxes and to your electrical outlets. Note that even without feeding, bed bugs can survive for many months to a year. 

Here are some things you can do to avoid bed bugs infestation in your home. 

Look for signs

You should familiarise yourself with what bed bugs look like. It is the easiest way to spot a bed bug problem before they become a big problem. Bed bugs are brown in colour with the oval-shaped body. They are about ¼ inch long. You know if bed bugs are beginning to infest your area if you see casings and blood spots which look like dark red smears on your mattresses or pillowcases. If you see these signs, you might be dealing with bed bugs and therefore call a pest controller right away.

Protect your bed

If you have dealt with bed bugs before, make sure that you will do anything for them to never come back. The easiest way to do this is by purchasing bed bugs interceptors and encasements. Although they can’t totally stop the bugs from getting into your home, having those will be easier for you to eliminate those critters. If you cover your mattress with an encasement, the bugs will be trapped and soon die from starvation. The interceptor can be placed in the feet of your bed and can prevent the bugs from climbing up.

Think twice on buying second-hand furniture

Whether you are decorating or styling your home on a budget, be careful of the furniture that you purchase on the street. Used furniture provides the biggest chance of bringing bed bugs and their eggs to your home. If you really want to buy used furniture, make sure to do a proper inspection and watch out for signs of bed bugs infestation. Then you can treat the furniture with insecticide spray and kill those existing bed bugs and their eggs. 


Reducing clutter in your home will not only help you live a better life but also help you reduce the chance of bed bugs infestation. If your space is full of clutter, it gives an opportunity for bed bugs to hide and reproduce. Bed bugs are known to love hiding in cardboard boxes so if you have boxes in your home, try to replace them with plastic storage that is recommended by EPA. by reducing clutter in your home, you reduce the hiding place for bed bugs and prevent infestation.

While regular cleaning can help control bed bugs infestation, getting rid of them requires chemical treatment. Using chemicals can be harmful, that is whys safety precautions must be observed. It is always safe to hire professionals for the treatment. They have the knowledge in treating infested areas plus they have effective techniques to ensure that bed bugs won’t come back. Generally, the safest and most effective way to get rid of bed bugs is to hire a professional pest controller.

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