Various Applications Of Electronics In The Mining Industry

If you’re searching for information on the application of electronics in the mining industry, you have come to the right place. Mining industry focusses on extracting valuable materials from the earth. Almost everything you see around you has come from some mine and has been removed with the help of a variety of tools. Mining is tough and risky.

You must have heard of a few devastating mining accidents over the years. Even though a lot of improvement in the safety standards has been implemented in the mining industry over the past few decades such as using thermal insulation blankets and covers to protect workers, mining isn’t precisely hazard proof. This is the reason. People are always looking to use things that can make the mining process safer and more efficient. This is where electronics come in. Electronics or more appropriately, power electronics have made mining technology smarter, cost-efficient and more reliable.

For example, one of the electronic systems that are widely used across the mining industry is the motor control system. The system allows multiple drives and motors to be synchronised together. It results in a much more robust solution that requires less supervision which means it makes the mining process safer. The synchronisation also implies that every component age simultaneously or homogeneously, which helps in preventing unintended consequences due to failure of one of the parts.

Similarly, solar photovoltaic products have made mining smarter and efficient. The easy availability and affordability of solar panels and related systems have helped in reducing energy dependency, which has made mining a much safer place to work for the operators. Increase in the availability of renewable energy sources as well as energy storage devices such as batteries helps in making the mining process more stable and energy-efficient.

If you know anything about the mining industry, you will know that there are many different types of mines in use today. For instance, most people are aware of the open-pit mines that are widely shown in movies and TV programs, but there are also underground mines as well as undersea mines. Operating these mines is much riskier, and therefore, every effort needs to be made to make mining in these areas safer and more efficient. This is the reason. Mine operators make use of different types of electronics to make their life more comfortable and more reliable. Some of the common types of electronics used in the mining industry include switchgear, distribution boxes, power centres, tracking systems for vehicles as well as people, radio systems, capacitor boxes and a lot of other stuff.

Take the example of deep coal mining. In this type of mining coal as well as other materials are extracted from mines that are several hundred metres deep down. Recovering coal and other materials from such depths is full of risk and requires precision control. Longwall mining is widely considered to be an effective method to extract coal from deep underground mines, and specially designed motor controls help in operating the motors required for this process. Use of these motors makes this process safer and more efficient.

Overall, electronics have full applications in the mining industry. Over the years, they have made the mining process safer and much more efficient. With regulations getting stricter, power electronics have come to the aid of mining owners and operators and has allowed them to extract minerals from even greater depths without any corresponding increase in risk.

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Settling In As An Electrician: Knowing Everything

To create a general electricity company or to set up an electrician, it is to intervene with the private individuals, the companies, the administrations or the communities for the creation, the putting in the standards and the maintenance of the electrical networks inside and outside. The electrician is laying cables, wires, switchboards, electrical cabinets, and outlets. The electrician like an level 2 electrician sydney can also install electrical equipment and intervene on the networks.

We Distinguish :

Electricity services in strong current: it concerns the transport of electrical energy for lighting, heating … low-voltage electricity supply: it involves the transport of information signals (telephone, computer networks, etc.). Electricians are building professionals. In 2017, there were around 50 000 electricians in the USA, which makes it a very fragmented market. Here’s what you need to understand to set up an electrician or start a general electricity business.

Install Electrician : The Market.

The electricity market is dominated by small and tiny businesses, which account for nearly 70% of the market players. To create an electricity business is to intervene in a market that has the following characteristics:

It Consists of Different Segments:

The demand for the construction of new buildings, which strongly suffered the economic crisis of 2008. The electrician works from the drawings and plans provided by the architects — the renovation market, which continues. The electrician adapts and upgrades existing electrical networks. 

For The Retail Market, The Most Promising Trends Are:

  • home automation,
  • automatisms,
  • outdoor lighting,
  • energy savings,
  • Training,
  • Settling in as an electrician: choosing your business position.


To Successfully Install As An Electrician, A Clear Strategy And Positioning Must Be Defined :

Which market segment to target? It will probably be difficult to intervene at the same time in the nine, in the renovation and the repair. Speaking in the construction of new buildings may no longer leave time for the rest. You must choose your side!

If the targeted clientele is that of individuals or tiny businesses, it could be good to offer a range of services large enough to interest customers: alarms, home automation, landscaping, troubleshooting …

The Regulation Of The Profession Of An Electrician.

Electrician activity is regulated. Settling in as an electrical craftsman means controlling electrical standards and regulations.

The activity belongs to the craft industry: the competent formalities center is that of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts. Therefore, it is essential, to be able to settle:

to justify a diploma of an electrician (CAP, BCP, CQP, Bac pro, BP facilities and electrical equipment, BTS …) or, failing that, an experience of at least three years,

to do an internship for installation at the Chamber of Trades and Crafts (click on the link to learn more and know any exemptions).

Make a business plan or “financial plan” for the creation of an electricity company.

Feel free to use the Excel WikiCrea tool to quickly develop your financial plan and measure the profitability of your activity. It’s free.

Which legal regime to choose to create an electricity business?

Reminder: Creating an electricity business is done at the Chamber of Trades and Crafts.

Here are the different legal statuses for setting up your general electricity business:

The micro-enterprise (e.g., auto-entrepreneur regime): this is a very simplified status and suitable for this type of activity, at least at the start, it is an appropriate status. The company manager determines his remuneration, which serves as a basis for the calculation of social security contributions,

The SASU: this is probably the most suitable status for this type of activity. The SASU makes it possible to avoid social security for the self-employed (ex-RSI).

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The Steps Of Creating A General Electricity Business.

Here are the main steps to install an electrician:

  • Choose your legal status and register (CMA),
  • Take insurance: the decennial insurance is obligatory (click to know more),
  • Buy the necessary equipment for your activity (tools, vehicle …),
  • Start the communication and the business,
  • Find your customers (click to read our dedicated article).
  • Free Excel tools to manage your business.
  • WikiCrea offers you free Excel tools to manage your business:
  • a biller to establish quotes and invoices: click here to access it,
  • a cookbook, mandatory for auto-entrepreneurs: click here to access it,
  • a cash tracking template: click here to access it.

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